Baldwin County Habitat For Humanity
Home Ownership

We help families in substandard living conditions earn decent affordable homes by providing a hand-up, not a handout, through sweat equity partnerships, homeowner workshops and no interest loans.

Families must meet the basic criteria below to apply with Habitat for Humanity of Baldwin County. Applications are accepted during open application periods. Call to be put on the mailing list to be notified of the next open period.

Total family income must fall between 30% and 60% of median income as defined by the federal housing finance board (HUD) income guide limits for Baldwin County.

Family is unable to qualify for a conventional loan.

Habitat mortgage payments (including taxes and insurance) must not exceed 30% of total family gross income.

Current living conditions:

•  Inadequate shelter

•  Lack of electrical, gas, water, sewage

•  Structural problems (holes in walls, floors, roof, etc.)

•  The environment is hazardous to health

•  Extreme overcrowding (based on number of occupants, ages and sexes of occupants)

Ability to Pay
Mortgage must not jeopardize other obligations or living expenses.

The family must have a source of steady, legal income.

The family must make monthly mortgage payments (including taxes and insurance) on time.

Willingness to Partner with Habitat
The family must work 400 hours to build up “sweat equity” towards their home

All “sweat equity” must be completed before the house may be occupied by the family.

Families must attend required homeowner education classes.

Families must be willing to move to another neighborhood and possibly school district, depending on the location of the Habitat building site.

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